Track 03: Adapting to Change (Paradigm Shifts) in the Workplace

How Different Personalities React to Change at Work

CHOLERIC/RED: Vision for Change

  Invites change for production purposes.

 Excellent with vision ideas.

 Goal-oriented (good at anticipating change).

 Not afraid of transition.


 Needs to listen carefully to concerns of staff.

 Must allow time for staff to process need for change.

 Delegates the details necessary in transition.

  Provides incentives to staff.

MELANCHOLY/BLUE: Quality in Change

 Must become flexible and less territorial with new change.

 Good to analyze and chart out details for change.

 Listens well to concerns of staff.

 Can slow process down because of perfectionism standards.


 Cares what staff feels too much in change.

 Don’t overanalyze or personalize the reason for change.

 Chart out incentive plan for staff.

PHLEGMATIC/GREEN: Keeps Peace in Change

 Appreciates a logical, clear plan for change.

 Needs time to chart out and process their involvement in change.

 Good mediator or liaison between staff and management.

 Keeps peace in transition process.


 Keep within boundaries and deadlines through the change process.

 Do not procrastinate your responsibilities in transition period.

 Share your thoughts relative to change—remember your insights are logical and needed.

SANGUINE/YELLOW: Motivation with Change

 Communicates positive spin on new changes for staff and organization.

 Keeps staff moving with good attitudes through transition.

 Organizes ongoing incremental celebrations and events to signal new beginnings.


 Remain a team player through change.

 Don’t minimize others’ struggle with change.

  Stay loyal with your new role in change process.