Customize Your Seminar

Maximize your office’s “personable atmosphere” and promote positive staff interaction through the services of TeamWorks! Choose from the following workshops and schedule either half day or full day sessions. Select any combination of tracks to fit your organization’s needs.

We at Teamworks now offer three expressions of trainings for both personal interest and professional goals:

  • Live, in person training with management or staff as described above. Choose from the 21 different workshops listed below.

  • Remote training through Zoom or Microsoft Teams

  • Online training courses for individuals or organizations for purchase. Our first online training is "Understanding Personality Differences in the Workplace and Home". Our next training, coming in 2022, is about avoiding burnout in life and called "Burnout Balance and Boundaries."

Track 01: Understanding Personality Differences in the Workplace

  • Learning the strengths and weaknesses of other personalities
  • Becoming more effective in relating to different personalities
  • Fitting the right personality into the right staff position

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Track 02: Clamming Up, Blowing Up, or Speaking Up in the Workplace (Assertiveness Training)

  • Understanding the three behavioral styles
  • Stuffing, exploding, or negotiating
  • Working with difficult people

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Track 03: Adapting to Change (Paradigm Shifts) in the Workplace

  • Facing change as a team
  • Healthy/unhealthy responses to change
  • Benefits of change
  • Management
  • Sharing the vision for change
  • Involving staff in change

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Track 04: Managing Gossip in the Workplace

  • Why gossip occurs
  • Staff involvement to reduce it
  • Developing better inter-office communication channels

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Track 05: Avoiding Burnout in the Workplace

  • Recognizing symptoms of staff burnout
  • Common workplace causes
  • Strategies to avoid personal burnout
  • How management can help the team resist burnout

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Track 06: Attitude in the Workplace

  • Aptitude, attitude, or both
  • Necessary attitude adjustments
  • Customer service and attitude
  • Management promoting healthy attitudes

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Track 07: Surviving a Merger in the Workplace
(How to Blend and Not Collide)

  • Who is in charge now?
  • Getting on the same page with leadership styles
  • Common merger problems to overcome
  • We’ve never done it this way before (the psychology of change)

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Brian D.

Oregon City Planning 
Directors Association

We’ve been fortunate to have Bill Gallagher at our last two conferences. 
Bill brings a professional and non-threatening approach to his team-building workshops.