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Maximize your office’s “personable atmosphere” and promote positive staff interaction through the services of TeamWorks! Choose from the following workshops and schedule either half day or full day sessions. Select any combination of tracks to fit your organization’s needs.

Track 15: When Peers Are Promoted in the Workplace
(From Buddy to Boss)

  • Reestablishing new expectations (new day; new way)
  • From friends to being friendly (social impact)
  • Supervising stronger personalities (courage)

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Track 16: The Ideal Team and Team Player in the Workplace

  • Specific steps to building a stronger team
  • The qualifications of a team player to make and stay on a team
  • Building trust in the team culture
  • Huddles and Halftimes: Addressing team problems

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Track 17: Mentoring Staff in the Workplace (For Trainers/Instructors)

  • The lasting benefits of mentoring in the workplace
  • Toxic traits of a mentor
  • Who qualifies as a mentor?

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Track 18: Listening Skills 201 in the Workplace (Management)

A workshop that goes beyond the basics of listening skills

  • Hearing and validating a different point of view
  • Listening and communication with the different temperaments of your staff
  • Managing the employee who only feels heard if you do what they want
  • Preventing the meeting after the meeting
  • Why some staff complain about not feeling heard in a meeting

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Track 19: Time Management or Self-Management in the Workplace

  • Time management or self-management
  • Choosing between the vital and urgent
  • Delegation to whom and how?
  • Identifying the time sappers

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Track 20: Perceptions of Self and Others in the Workplace

  • The importance of workplace perceptions
  • How perceptions are formed and why
  • Misperceptions and correcting them
  • Changing bad perceptions to good ones (there is a way back)

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Track 21: Customer Service a Win-Win in the Workplace

  • Customer Service: Key to Client Retention
  • The Power of Front Desk First Impressions
  • Common Taboos About Customer Service
  • Top Customer Satisfaction Builders

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