Corporate America now agrees that anyone in the workplace who cannot facilitate good relationships at the office and work out conflict in a productive manner is considered incompetent as an employer or employee. Although technical skills are imperative for increasing revenue, it is understood among organizations that without the ability to get along with others, technical skills alone are not enough to achieve overall success.

It’s also known among administration and management that a lot of productive time is spent on personnel problems.

Four Common
Workplace Problems

There are many common issues that arise in the workplace that Teamworks can help you resolve. These are four areas that seem to take the most time and energy.

  • Employee's resistance to change

  • Failure to understand and appreciate each other's differences

  • Lack of trust in administration

  • Inappropriate ways to manage conflict in the workplace

Bill Gallagher, founder of TeamWorks and family counselor at Trail Christian Fellowship, talks with Perry Atkinson on Focus Today at theDove.

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Teamworks can provide consultation, mediation, and evaluation specific to your business situation.

  • Workshops
    Maximize your office’s “personable atmosphere” and promote positive staff interaction through the services of TeamWorks! Choose from the following workshops to best suit the needs of your organization.

  • Mediation
    Mediate conflict between two or more employees / employers, strive for appropriate resolution between partners and business owners.

  • Consulting
    In addition to the workshops available to larger groups, TeamWorks also provides one-on-one or group consultations to assist with personal or team issues.